Power line - Normal type

Voltage AC 440V / 380V / 220V / 110V, DC 600V / 440V / 380V / 200V
Type 3-Phase 4Wire, 3-Phase 3Wire, Single Phase 2Wire Parallel
Capacity 40kA-Mode / 80kA-Mode
Product Features
Officially tested in compliance with the LH(Korea Public enterprise) Corporation’s Construction Specification
High-performance High-capacity SPD[40kA-Mode / 80kA-Mode]
Performance in compliance with IEC 61643-11
Dual Safety Design - [Current & Thermal Fuse]
Running Display Lamp
Fault Lamp for a normal or abnormal state check
Steel case for proven safety against the surge protector failure
Terminal Block for cabling
ACB2 Distribution Panel, Distribution Panel1, Distribution Panel2, UPS Input, Output, CCTV power,
Instrument power [Flowmeter, Water gauge, Electronic scale etc], other singular device power.