Power line Special - Ⅱ type

Voltage AC 440V / 380V / 220V / 110V, DC 600V / 440V / 380V / 200V
Type 3-Phase 4Wire, 3-Phase 3Wire, Single Phase 2Wire Serial / Parallel
Capacity 800kA / 500kA / 400kA / 360kA / 320kA / 260kA / 240kA
Product Features
CE, KS Certificate Patent
High-performance, High-capacity SPD [240kA - 800kA /Total]
Full Mode Protection [L - N, L - G, L - L] - < For Class ⅠⅡⅢ>
Performance in compliance with IEC 61643-11
Back Light LCD type Surge Event List[ Non-volatile Memory type]
Leakage current measurement and display for MOV internal [0.00mA]
Line Voltage measurement and display - [ Line Voltage ]
Dual Safety Design - [Current & Thermal Fuse]
Lamp and buzzer for a normal or abnormal state check
Aluminium case for proven safety against the surge protector failure
Surge and Over voltage event memory
RS485 Communication
Instrument power [Flowmeter, Water gauge, Electronic scale etc], Actuator power, other singular,
device power.