Power, Signal, Telecom
Coaxial Line, LAN Line

Surge Protective Device

K-surge specializes in the supply; Power, Signal, Telecom, Coaxial Line, Lan Line; of total solution for surge protection, encompassing the manufacture of Surge Protective Devices [SPD], analysis of surge damages and design of anti-surge measures to protect sensitive electronic equipment and personnel from destructive transient over voltages originating from lightning strikes and electrical disturbances.

Based on its proprietary know-how and technology, the Company supplies high quality surge protectors that accompany complete protection, strict safety and surge information, thereby promoting the system stability and efficient facility management for your key equipment.

We are fully ready to solve your problems originating from lightning strikes and electrical disturbances, and striving to improve quality and service to your satisfaction.

We wish to grow further and with you, your interests and suggestions are always welcome. Thank you

2018 05 Acquirement of CE certification(Power SPD)
07 Acquirement of CE certification(Signal/Telecom SPD)
2017 07 Acquirement of ISO 9001 certification
Registration of patent (NO. 10-1736675)
2016 03 Acquirement of CE ClassⅠ, ClassⅡcertification(Power SPD)
Acquirement of CE certification(Power SPD)
2015 01 Registration of patent (NO. 10-1481061)
07 Acquirement of Korea KS certification
2014 01 Registration of KERI Family Company
06 New and larger factory establishment and moved
07 Registration of patent (NO. 10-1422420)
07 Registration of patent (NO. 10-1425269)
2012   Acquirement of Korea INNO-BIZ certification
2011 01 Registration of patent (NO. 10-1013244)
08 Acquirement of SME Performance Certificate(Signal SPD)
11 Acquirement of SME Performance Certificate(Power SPD)
2010 04 R&D center establishment in Koenone
05 Acquirement of CE certification(Power SPD)
07 Acquirement of ISO 14001 certification
2009 05 Acquirement of CE certification (Signal SPD)
06 Registration of patent (NO. 10-0906304)
Registration of patent (NO. 10-0906305)
09 Acquirement of ISO 9001:2000 certification
2008 07 Establishment of Koenone
11 Acquirement of Korea Venture certification